Mission - Cuba

Executive Summary
To further the ministry in Cuba through the relationships that have already been started, we will be activating Ailyn Puentes and Gerald Garcia as missionaries in Cuba through, Side-by-Side Ministries.

About Us

Ailyn Puentes and Gerald Garcia
These missionaries would be doing the following:

  • Focused on spreading gospel though the nation starting from our immediate communities in Santa Clara and Havana. We want to serve as a communication bridge to all the English and French speaking international evangelic ministries coming down to our country to help us advance the Kingdom of God whose purposes are to reach Cuba for Christ and cause an impact in our community in all the spiritual areas such as (evangelism, discipleship, leadership, missions, etc.) We also want to reach our community through Language Teaching (English and French.
  • Work with the GLS youth events and help to grow that ministry through leadership development. Teaching young leaders leadership skills and Life Purpose through Jesus Christ and connecting them in the Local Church.
  • Work with existing partnership with Pioneer Clubs to help the Local Cuban leaders and the US leaders communicate effectively, develop training to local Cuban children’s ministers that is effective and help with training trip organization and execution.
  • Work with existing Church partnerships like Community Fellowship and others in the future to share needs (Teams, Biblical Training, Community Service, Elderly and Children ministry) and coordinate with Community Fellowship and the local Church how we can work together to reach and lead the local Cuban people to Christ and help them grow into fully devoted disciples.


  • We are projecting a monthly mission budget of $125usd each.
  • Total of $1,500usd a year to fund each of these missionaries basic needs each year.
  • We will also raise an additional $3,500 this year to fund ministry project needs.

The Ask

  • We are looking for financial supporters to help get these funds in for them so they can start Sept 1st, 2017.
  • We are looking for prayer partners to pray for these missionaries each month.
  • We are looking for teams to go down to Cuba and serve alongside of the ministries that are already going.

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