Open Doors Church

A simple church with a heart for lost communities in Baja Sur. We go, we love, we serve!

We live in the midst of the needy, in the midst of poverty. Cabo is a place of contrast, the beauty of the paradise ends in the neighborhoods. You find two worlds in one small town. We are here for them, to reach those in need and give them a chance to know the love of God. To give them love, food, clothing and build up relationships and share the Gospel.

About Us

Luis and Mary Benavides
Luis and Mary have three children and they've been serving God together from the past 7 years. "After serving in different missions feeding. We seek in the poor neighborhiids in Cabo, in the ranches, fishing villages... We have our Church and two more missions and are visiting several places to share the gospel and disciple the believers..."

Our vision is to reach the isolated communities of Baja and take them the message of our Lord Jesus, then disciple them and plant a church where they can grow.

Current Projects

We are currently looking at starting a number of after school programs such as home work help and a soccer training program. We want to reach the kids with activities that are positive and the gospel.

We help members of the community start their own family businesses by providing the needed finances and systems to get them started in a job that can sustain their family. This is not only the right thing to do but a way to reach out to people in the community and share the gospel.

The ongoing hurricane relief efforts are endless and we are doing everything we can to help members of our community and others re establish their homes and provide safe places for their families to live.

We are always looking for communities to plant churches in and train up leaders to meet the ongoing needs of those in the community with the gospel.

Donate Now
Your donations will help our current projects – become reality in the hearts and lives of the people we serve in our communities. Thanks you for prayerfully considering donating to us!

Contact Us
Pastor Luis Benavides

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