Thoughts From A Pastor’s Wife

Although I have been a pastor's wife for many years, I am new at blogging. So, if I say something that offends you or that you disagree with, that is not the motive for writing this blog. I write this to share personal thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that I have developed through years of experience.

I chose the title carefully and purposefully. The definition of "musing" as a verb is "to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively; to think about something carefully or thoughtfully." As a noun, a "muse" is defined as "a person who causes someone else to have ideas about creating a work of art or a person who inspires an artist."

Now I realize that usually a pastor's wife is not thought of as an artist. Personally, I love art. It offers a freedom of expression and creativity that is not found in other realms of life. One of my favorite aspects of art is that if you make a mistake, whether on canvas, with your pencil or brush, or even while sculpting a figure, one can easily rearrange the mistake and make it an integral part of your art work. 

I like to relate that to our life in Christ. Often we decide that our mistakes are disastrous and that God could not possibly make anything out of our lives as a result. But that is not the way the God of the universe deals with us. Very often He uses what we consider mistakes as a way to lead us in the direction He wants us to go. I want to share this with people who need to know just how much Jesus loves us and that He thinks of us as a piece of art as He works in our lives to complete His masterpiece.

So this blog is not to tell someone how to live a perfect life in Christ, especially when one is a pastor's wife. This is about my personal thoughts as a woman who happens to be married to a pastor who loves His Lord, and who loves me much more than I deserve. I am grateful for my station in life and I would love to hear from other wives out there who happen to be in a similar position. It is not always easy being who we are; however, I would not change who I am for anything else on this earth.

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